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“Canada’s Privacy Plan” was only made possible because of the support, time, and effort of countless groups and individuals across Canada and around the world. While they are too numerous to name individually, this plan is built on a wide range of grassroots and academic public policy initiatives that have raised awareness of, and proposed solutions to, Canada’s privacy deficit. We’ve tried our utmost to give that impressive body of work consideration throughout this process.

We are particularly indebted to the over 125,000 everyday Canadians engaged in our privacy work, many of whom participated in our crowdsourcing project by taking the time to contribute their often-detailed ideas, and to spread the word to their friends and colleagues. We also thank the volunteers and organizations who arranged on-the-ground events to make sure people could have their say. The outcomes of this report are primarily based on this wealth of grassroots input and we couldn’t be more grateful.

We are especially thankful for the contributions of our Protect our Privacy Coalition partners, whose expert advice helped shape this project from start to finish. We owe special thanks to peer reviewers who provided in-depth feedback, comments, and suggestions to strengthen the rigour and quality of this report. Any weaknesses or shortcomings in this final product are in spite, not because, of their contributions, and are entirely the responsibility of the authors.

This report marks a milestone in a longer campaign that aims to ensure, quite simply, that every Canadian can use the Internet without fear of being watched. This work is inspired by the energy of OpenMedia’s grassroots community of over half a million people who have used our platforms to speak out for strong privacy safeguards in a digital age. We simply couldn’t do what we do without them - thanks!

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